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For one, Dakota Johnson is a trooper, providing some much-needed fun to the frequently strained story. The film — now a massive box office success after its opening weekend — does have its redeeming qualities.

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"The outfit I wore on our actual first date was boring because I couldn't decide what to wear, so I wore staples.That's why it's interesting that a film such as this — that is centered on sex, sexual curiosity and experimenting in bed — doesn't focus on the “finish line,” but the journey.Perhaps Anastasia made her “O face” with all the gasping enthusiasm of the “When Harry Met Sally” diner scene at some point in their romance; however, for a film about a man who knows what he likes in the bedroom and a woman who hasn't a clue, the fantasy stayed firm on her arousal (and when she quit being aroused). Word got out that the R-rated, animated adaptation of the classic graphic novel would include an expanded backstory that sees Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Tara Strong) and Batman (Kevin Conroy) have a sexual encounter."It's totally out of character for both of them," one woman told outside Ballroom 20, minutes before the screening Friday.

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