Radiometric dating speed of light online dating multiple sclerosis

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Since the development of electronic digital counters and pulsed lasers, it has been possible to measure the speed of light in the laboratory with extraordinary precision.

Even if the speed of light reached the proximity of its final value decades ago, there would be enough residual decay as the value reached its limit asymptotically for our modern apparatus to detect.

It is believed that radioactivity is a spontaneous, random event.

We're not talking about a difference of a fraction of a percent.The speed of radio-active decay also depends on other factors like the speed of light. Wiens has a Ph D in Physics, with a minor in Geology.To my knowledge no major research effort has been mounted to determine whether nuclear decay parameters vary at all with time. Once values of the decay index for a particular nuclide are obtained and a particular value is agreed upon, this value is generally accepted. The terminology is such that no change with time is expected. External parameters can effect slight changes in the nuclear decay rate. Radiohalos are minute concentric rings of discoloration in minerals such as mica formed by alpha ray bombardment from radioactive inclusions.

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