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Dating back to 2007, and the Somali exodus to Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya (today the largest refugee camp in the world), we have been sending emergency relief teams to support those fleeing violence and famine.Our missions were intensified in 2011 when the Horn of Africa was hit by the worst drought in 60 years, and assistance was offered to both refugees and the famine struck residents of Kenya's poorest district of Turkana.Treat this list as known scammers, but just because a name is NOT on the list DOES NOT mean they are not also a scammer.Scammers simply make up the names they use, so as soon as we publish their name, they invent and use another name.Dubbed the "world’s worst food crisis" by the UN, hundreds of thousands died, and more than 12 million were at risk.Isra AID responded to the call for help by distributing food and emergency relief items to tens of thousands of refugees and locals fleeing famine and violence.Unlike the usual introduction agencies and so-called executive dating services, Yvonne Allen and Associates is a boutique agency.Our consultants tailor their approach to your particular needs, guided by Yvonne’s years of experience as a matchmaker and relationship mentor.

Internationally, al-Qaeda has become more decentralized, leading to a greater dependence on its affiliates and allies.As a client you will receive a level of support and insight from our skilled consultants that no other introduction agency or matchmaking service can offer.Yvonne is currently expanding services on and offline to assist men and women to achieve their relationship goals and her videos and insights can also be seen by clicking here at Yvonne Allen Relationship Mentor.Indeed since bin Laden’s death, at least nine publicly known Islamist-inspired terror plots against the United States have been foiled, bringing the total number of foiled plots since 9/11 to at least 50.Ultimately, none of the plots foiled since bin Laden’s death proved to be of the scale that many feared, with the vast majority of the plots lacking major international connections.

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