Doubts radiometric dating

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we are here is a question science cannot answer, but is just as important.

How we answer these questions provides the basis for how we think about things - it defines our "world-view".

While there, he worked under Robert Grant studying marine invertebrates.

He did not handle the sight of blood and suffering well, so he abandoned medicine and aimed at ministry instead.

He collected beetles and became close friends with botany professor John Stevens Henslow, who introduced him to other leading naturalists.

He enjoyed William Paley's journey to the Americas as an unpaid naturalist and gentleman companion to Captain Robert Fitz Roy.

The belief that people were created by God, in the "image of God", is at the heart of creationism.

The belief that people now exist because of a long string of random chance events is one of the main tenets of naturalism, of which evolution is a part.

“This discovery is rewriting our understanding of when humans reached the New World,” said Judy Gradwohl, president and CEO of the San Diego Natural History Museum, in a statement to the press.

Now consider whether the Church could encourage giving to Scripture a sense contrary to the holy Fathers and all the Latin and Greek commentators.” Today, however, the astronomical evidence for the earth’s movement around the sun is so strong that there is almost no one who doubts it, even among those who take the Bible to be an inerrant revelation of God’s word.

It appears that in this instance there has been a shift of biblical interpretation over time to fit the scientific evidence.

In other words, if religious writings are continuously reinterpreted so that they conform to our ever deepening scientific understanding of physical reality, then of course science and religion will remain mostly out of conflict.

As an illustration of Biblical interpretation adapting to science, consider Joshua -13, where the Bible says that the “sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.” Many early Christian writers took this passage, and others, as irrefutable proof that the earth is fixed in the heavens and that it is the sun that travels around the earth.

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